Kasab Media & Technology offers a comprehensive suite of server hosting and management services to support various online operations and applications.

Web Hosting: Kasab Media & Technology likely offers hosting services for websites, allowing businesses and individuals to make their websites accessible on the internet. This service typically includes storage space, bandwidth allocation, domain registration, and other features necessary for website operation.

Email Hosting: Email hosting services allow businesses to have custom email addresses associated with their domain names. Kasab Media & Technology likely provides email hosting solutions that include email server setup, maintenance, security features, and support for email clients.

File Storage: File storage services involve storing and managing digital files securely on servers. Kasab Media & Technology may offer file storage solutions that allow clients to store, organize, and access files remotely over the internet. This could include features such as data encryption, file synchronization, and access controls.

Database Management: Database management services involve the setup, maintenance, and optimization of databases used to store and manage structured data. Kasab Media & Technology likely provides database management solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients, including database administration, backup and recovery, performance tuning, and security measures.

Additionally, Kasab Media & Technology likely offers different types of servers optimized for specific purposes:

Web Servers: These servers are designed to host websites and serve web pages to users’ browsers upon request.
Mail Servers: Mail servers handle the sending, receiving, and storage of email messages.
Database Servers: Database servers manage and store data in structured formats, allowing for efficient data retrieval and manipulation.
File Servers: File servers store and manage files, allowing users to access and share data within a network environment.

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    Static Website

    A static website is a type of website that displays the same content to every visitor from a fixed file-based structure.



    This type of hosting gives you full control over the server hardware and resources, making it suitable for high-traffic websites, applications, or specific workloads that require dedicated resources.


    Shared/Reseller/VPS Hosting

    Shared, reseller, and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting are three common types of web hosting services, each offering different levels of control, resource allocation, and management capabilities.


    Email Hostings

    Email hosting refers to a service that provides email servers and storage space for individuals, businesses, or organizations to create and manage their email accounts using their own domain name.

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