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We assemble portable application arrangements that are highlights rich and intensely utilitarian across various versatile working frameworks.


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For your highly specific industry, we have highly IT solutions.


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We have the mastery to assemble portable applications utilizing an iterative and relentless improvement lifecycles and accomplish conveyance models that gets together to the QA norms.

Our versatile application engineers are uncommonly acceptable at conveying business with a period basic arrangement that is way beneath the assessed cost. We assembling and produce Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps coordinated with various elements including IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI and Chatbot.

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Mobile applications have surprised the world, to such an extent, that to be an effective business today.


Mobile App Development


KTM is a one-stop-shop for your mobile application needs. Whether you need help developing a mobile app, or would like advice on how to go about marketing your app, we have you covered!

Our Mobile app development company is comprised of the best US-Based, in-house engineers, designers and digital marketers that have 100% confidence in providing you with stellar mobile applications for your startup at affordable prices while still maintaining impeccable standards for quality. Products are designed to provide consumers with high-quality products and services that exceed their expectations.

Mobile app development is the way to ensure that you can offer your business information and services across multiple channels in ways that fit an array of formats, devices and platforms. Once your mobile app is complete, it can be launched on the Apple iOS and Google Android app stores. It allows users to search, browse, download and purchase the app from their mobile devices.

We’ve created a dependable solution for all businesses looking to enter the fast-growing global market by building them the platform that rapidly develops cross-platform apps. Our team model offers hourly solutions with flat pricing for HTML5, hybrid or native development projects which means you’ll get the best app with the most efficient costs. You provide us with the design specifications, budget, timeline, and anything else we might need (and trust us: these days there’s usually plenty), so you can stay focused on growing your business by knowing that Solution 21 has got this covered for you; all without any of those programming headaches slowing you down.


KMT provides complete mobile app development, so there are no worries on whether or not you’re going to get all your needs met by one single team. Every step of app development has been meticulously planned out from strategy to marketing services whereas other companies might offer just some general products not fit for specific goals set forth in the early stages. This could even lead to an unsuccessful launch because of missing requirements present during the design stage like scalability where current users and features have long passed expectations making it difficult to keep up with demand. With these types of situations, later costs can skyrocket which shouldn’t happen when planning ahead and considering startup costs. However, with KMT, rest assured, this will never happen.


Our team of in-house app engineers and designers will work hand-in-hand with you throughout your mobile app development. We can take your software from a basic functional template to the next level with our award-winning app development team. KMT is made up of some of the best mobile experts in every region who have created innovative apps for some major brands, so we have the experience in knowing what makes a great, user-friendly app that incorporates the vision of the app you have in mind.

Mobile application development company in bahrain

KMT is the leading mobile application development company in Bahrain. We have a team of experienced and dedicated developers who are experts in developing high-quality mobile applications for our clients. We assemble portable application arrangements that are highlights-rich and intensely utilitarian across various versatile working frameworks

Mobile App Development


Once your mobile app is complete, we’ll help you in marketing it to your new customer base. Our team of Social Media Experts knows what works to get your brand out there, and being a business that has an integrated app will connect you to your customer base in a way no other marketing agency can. It will increase your customer base through a user-friendly and versatile design while providing you with valuable insight into how your customers interact with your product.

Do you know what your customers think, feel, and want? Of course not! And don’t worry – you can learn about your clients’ preferences and needs with the info from our mobile app. Your mobile app users will enjoy a huge interactive library of interactive features informing them of your services. They’ll get their own customizable page that applies towards exactly what they’re looking for – or needs specifically tailored just for them! There is even a “report” to let you keep track of how often they use the app and sign up for your service and become a new return client.

With over 100,000 app downloads on average, companies are finding that the prices invested into developing their own app are well worth it when you need a steady, loyal customer base locally or even globally. With KMT‘s developers we have over 18 years of experience building software and other solutions – get help from the experts to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile platforms and technology.