Education software is a term that refers to digital applications and tools designed to improve teaching and learning in different educational settings. These software solutions are designed to cater to different aspects of educational needs, from K-12 through to higher education and professional training.

Some software for education focuses on interactive lessons, providing engaging content via videos, simulations, and gamified lessons to make learning more fun and effective. Some education software provides tools that allow teachers to customize lesson plans, evaluate student performance, and give feedback.

Learning management systems (LMSs) are also available that allow online education to be facilitated by centralizing course materials, assessments, discussions, and assignments. These systems allow remote learning and offer flexibility and accessibility for students of all backgrounds.

The adaptive learning software category is a second type of software that uses algorithms to personalize the learning experience based on student progress, learning styles, and content.

Education software is a key component of modern education. It fosters innovation, personalizes learning, and improves educational outcomes for both students and teachers.